Listen to Paula Stepp's Positions on Issues Facing Garfield County

Protecting Public Lands and Rivers, Preserving Our Heritage

As Garfield County Commissioner, Paula Stepp will honor our western heritage by protecting our public lands and access, our rivers and our water rights. Paula Stepp has 30 years in the outdoor industry.

Balance Oil/Gas Industry and Citizens’ Interests and Well-being

Garfield County has the responsibility of balancing the oil & gas industry's power and wealth with its citizens' interests and well-being.

Trails Help Cultivate Communities

Paula Stepp has 30 years in the outdoor industry. Garfield County can do more to make our region a better place to play and work.

Explore and Invest in New Business Opportunities

Garfield County is fortunate to have the property tax income from the local natural gas industry. Let's explore every opportunity to invest in our economic future, including infrastructure and broadband services vital to businesses.

Partnering to Support Education

Garfield County can step up to support expansion of local education for technical, trade and service degrees.

Stand Up for Dreamers and DACA

We have an investment in the young men and women who attend school, live and work in our communities. Let's not throw it away.

Accelerate Clean Energy Development

Let's step up the development of solar, wind and geo-thermal energy in Garfield County.

Advance the Hemp and Cannabis Industry

The Hemp and Cannabis Industry is here to stay. Let's advance its development and contributions to Garfield County's economy with thoughtful planning.

A Revenue Source: Garfield County Landfill

Composting and recycling can bring in revenue at the Garfield County Landfill. By investing or partnering, it's the best use of our waste.