In Gratitude...

Thank you for the wonderful support you have given me with this campaign. We put a lot of effort and time into a strong campaign, which is reflected in the close final results. I could not have asked for a better journey, and I am deeply grateful for the friends who have helped me and the new friends I have made.

There is no regret for a day of this campaign. I think the results showed that Garfield County is on the cusp of a new direction and different tomorrow. I hope that the messages I pushed in my campaign are embraced by the current commissioners. I have already heard discussion on finding ways to improve transportation on the western side of the county, and I have seen efforts to move quickly on broadband expansion and access.

On initiative 112, I have faith that our new Governor Jared Polis is solid in his conviction that we need a bigger setback from our homes for oil and gas extraction, and he will work to change the current regulations.

I see a different economic future for this county, and I plan to continue to work on opening those doors to new industry that will provide more balance and opportunities for the people and the towns in our county.

What’s next? I’m not sure, but this year’s experiences will be a part of my future. Each of our towns is so distinct in its personalities, but there is so much we can work on together for the best future for the entire county.

-Paula Stepp

Businesswoman Paula Stepp offers a clear, new alternative to the  Board of Garfield County Commissioners

Paula Stepp wants to bring the different voices of our county together to work collaboratively for a better county today and a better future for this county tomorrow.

Working as associate publisher for Big Stone Publishing in Carbondale for the last six years, Paula created partnerships linking the mutual success of outdoor industry businesses, the Big Stone magazines and the passion of their readers. She built partnerships over time, with commitment, integrity, trust and creativity.

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A New Perspective

Garfield County has a large and increasingly diverse population.

Whether deciding a county issue or collaborating and sharing information at the regional, state or national levels, the board of county commissioners makes choices that have a powerful impact on all of us.

It’s time the board has a wider spectrum of people represented at the table.

Paula will bring a different perspective to each discussion that affects the health, welfare, environment, safety and living standard for all the people and businesses in this county.

Working together

Garfield county stretches from Sweetwater at the base of the Flat Tops to the Utah border. Each town along the Colorado and Roaring Fork river corridors wrestles with the same concerns, and these towns are tied together by the people that work, live and travel between these communities.

Businesses need employees. Employees need businesses that can provide a living wage and a county that has affordable housing, adequate transportation, and affordable health care.

As a commissioner, Paula will make sure the county takes a lead roll in uniting communities in Garfield County. The county needs to be a driving force with regional and community collaboration to make sure we are taking care of the citizens.


Economic Stability

The towns and businesses in Garfield County continue to be affected by the boom and bust cycle of oil and gas development. We need to put infra-structure in place that will drive broader economic diversity.

Better broadband networking and making our airport more amenable to business travel will attract new industry. Solar and wind energy is now competitive with the price of oil and gas and non-cyclical in nature, so we need to take a lead in the development of these renewable resources. Many rural counties are benefiting from the growing cannabis industry, and Garfield County needs to adopt regulations to support this industry.

Additionally, we have underdeveloped tourism and outdoor activity potential that could provide more stability and steady economic growth.